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The Rusty Pieces are an original, soulful, bluesy, indie rock and pop duet from Memphis, TN who are now blissfully spending their summers in the beautiful Florida Keys! Long time singer/songwriters Jessi Dalton and Weston Eric Sherman found each other in late 2015, and out sprang a crop of soulful, earthy, catchy ear candy... along with a story book romance. The Rusty Pieces blend a suitcase bass drum, washboard, cajon, and shakers with guitar and rich vocal harmonies to create a one of a kind sound. Their goal is to make music that defies genre and gets stuck in your head after the first listen. The Rusty Pieces music has been called bluesy pop, soulful pop, indie-pop, front porch pop, pop rock, high energy, catchy as hell, and the list goes on. We just call it damn good music, and we think you'll agree.


Jessi DaltoN locked herself in a room to learn "Blackbird" on the guitar when she was ten years old and never looked back. She's since released 5 albums with 4 different bands proving herself an amazing songwriter each time out.  Her voice and her presence grab a crowd's attention and don't let go. She is a riveting performer with an undeniable "it" factor.  Jessi has the kind of presence that fills not only the stage but the entire room and, as if that weren't enough, Dalton has recently been noted as having "the most sparkle per square inch" of anyone you'll likely meet.


Weston Sherman recently spent 20 years doing exactly what his 5th grade teacher Mrs. White predicted: not living up to his full potential. He played occasional gigs back in Columbus OH, but spent most of his time writing music and honing his craft meanwhile finding time for a 5 year stint as an amateur stand-up comedian. A soulful performer with a mind boggling catalog of unpublished material, Sherman arrived in Memphis five years ago as a  true diamond in the rough.  His word play, rhyme schemes, melodies and passionate delivery will have you saying "Where the hell has this guy been hiding out?"  


Jessi and Weston met while she was visiting her family in Columbus, OH. The two had lived within miles of each other for 15 years (within a block at one point) and yet found themselves meeting for the very first time on a Monday night in September of 2015. Mysterious forces had led them both to the same bar at the same time on karaoke night.Weston saw Jessi from the other side of the bar and, as he likes to say, "She looked like trouble... but she looked like the kind of trouble I wanted to get in to."  He was looking to make a connection. Jessi, on the other hand, had just been stood up for a date and was filled with  a newfound disdain for anything with testosterone and a pulse. She definitely wasn't looking to make a connection, but she seemed to be looking for something. Perhaps it was a silly boy who needed to be put in his place. She noticed Weston admiring her from across the bar and thought, "He'll do quite nicely" at which she began to whisper to her friend and point at Weston. It was the kind of point that was meant to be obvious. The kind of point that says "Yeah, that's right! I'm pointing at you, Jerk Face! I see you over there checking me out like the dirty dog I'm already 99.99% sure you are. Don't even think about it! I will chew you up and spit you out!"

Fortunately for lovers of clever catchy soulful original music, 99.99% of time that Weston sees someone conspicuously pointing at and whispering about him he takes it as an invitation. Weston walked right up to Jessi and said "May I help you?" to which she casually replied "Oh no. It's fine. We were just talking about how you were blatantly checking me out from across the bar."  "Most definitley", he retorted without hesitation. "You're a very beautiful woman... Was that wrong of me?  Should I not have done that?"  "Oh no, it's fine", she said trying to look and sound as dismissive as possible. He mentioned that he had never seen her before and he was sure that if he had he would remember. She said that she had lived in Columbus for years but now lived in Memphis, TN and was just home visiting. There was little more than a pause for breath before Jessi continued the conversation which had, by this point descended into a some confusing mix between flirtation and psychological warfare, if there is in fact any difference between the two whatsoever. 
"So... is this what you...DO?" "Is what... what I do?" "Hitting on strange girls at the bar." "Oh! Are you a strange girl? I had no idea. You mentioned that you were from Memphis but you hadn't said anything about being strange yet. Thank you for letting me know... and, besides that, YOU summoned me over here in the first place!"  "I SUMMONED YOU?!?!"  "Absolutely."  "I most CERTAINLY did NOT summon you over here!" "Oh really!?!? Whisper whisper whisper. POINT! POINT! POINT! You obviously wanted me to come over here and talk to you."  This verbal tennis match went on and on until eventually they were both laughing and smiling from ear to ear. It was the kind of smiling that makes your face hurt and this was just within the first few minutes of meeting. There was obviously something there. It was the kind of connection you just don't find every day. Let's be honest. It was the kind of connection some people NEVER find. And it happened in an instant.

 Now being that this whole tale begins with two singers meeting at a karaoke bar we suspect that some of you may be anxiously awaiting the part of the story where he hears her sing and falls madly in love, or she hears him sing and cries tears of joy, or they sing a lovely heart wrenching duet and the crowd is transfixed by the undeniable chemistry between the two love birds, and, while we certainly do hate to disappoint you, we're just gonna come right out and tell you right now that no such thing took place on that fateful night. In fact, not a single note was sang in that bar on that night by either of the two.  On the contrary, the next part of the story hits what you might call a sour note.

Anyways. We were right at the part where they were both smiling from ear to ear and laughing and feeling this undeniable connection like some people never get to feel in their whole entire lives and THAT was exactly when Jessi turned to her friend and then turned back to Weston and said "Well I guess we're leaving so... it was nice meeting you." And she got up. And she walked... out... the door. And Weston just... sat there. Picked up his beer. Took a drink. Shook his head... Wow. He did not see it ending like that. He could have sworn there was a connection. Did she really just... walk out? He took another drink.

Meanwhile Jessi took her last few steps down the side walk and through the parking lot, each step taking her further from a chance at true love. And with her final step she took out her car keys, put the key into the door and thought to herself "What am I doing?"

Back inside the bar Weston stood up; after all it was karaoke night and his name was on the list. They'd be calling it any second. She had just walked out of his life and he was about to sing "Let's Stay Together". What cruel irony. He pushed in his bar stool and reluctantly made his way toward the stage at the front of the bar. As he took a step he wondered if he'd imagined the whole thing. He took another step and thought for sure that there had been a real spark between them. He took another step and wondered how she didn't feel it too. He took another step... and saw the door swing open. His heart skipped a beat and she walked through the door. His heart skipped another beat as their eyes met. His heart skipped an alarming amount of beats as she walked right up to him and they took each other by the hand like they had done it a million times before... and also like the very first time... And they walked out into the night and down the side walk hand in hand like people who truly love each other do. A few blocks up the street they walked past another bar. It was open mic night. Weston made a comment about playing there. Jessi, her fingers intertwined with his, gave him a very curious and intriguing look. "What? Are you a musician or something?" 

They've been holding hands ever since.

The Rusty Pieces have played at...

The Levitt Shell

River Arts Fest

Memphis Music & Heritage Fest

Americana Fest

Progressive Field

Jamgrass Festival

​Canoegrass Festival

Lafayette's Music Room

Hard Rock Cafe

Loughlin Yard


​and many more

Members of The Rusty Pieces have performed with...

T.V. On The Radio

 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee: Glenn Matlock from Sex Pistols

David Shaw from The Revivalists

Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing

Sylvain Sylvain from New York Dolls

Kip Winger from Winger

That One Guy

Unknown Hinson

Preston Shannon

​and more

The Rusty Pieces have recorded with...

Cody Dickinson from North Mississippi All-Stars

Steve Selvidge from The Hold Steady

Reverend Charles Hodges- organist for the great Al Green 

Leroy Hodges- bassist for the great Al Green

The Rusty Pieces' Song List:

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE -Bill Whithers, ANIMAL-Miike Snow, ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY- John Lee Hooker, BAD MOON -CCR, BACK TO BLACK -Amy Winehouse , BACK OUT -Original, BLACK DIAMONDS -Original, BLACK HORSE AND A CHERRY TREE -K.T. Tunstall, BEER DRINKER'S BALLAD -Original, BOBBY MCGEE -Janis Joplin, BREAK -Original soul, BROKEN PARTS -Original, CALIFORNICATION -Red Hot Chili Peppers, CAN'T YOU SEE  -Marshall Tucker Band, CHEATING HEART -Patsy Cline version, CLOUD 9  -Original, DIRTY LISTEN- Original blues, DIRTY LITTLE TOWN -Original, DIRTY RIVER -Original Gospel/blues, DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY -Bobby McFerrin, DOWN AND OUT -Original, FOLSOM PRISON -Johnny Cash, FREAK -Original Funk/blues, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN -The Animals, HARD DAYS NIGHT -The Beatles, HARD TO HANDLE -Otis Redding/Black Crows, HUSH -Original,  I GOT A FEELING -Original, I'M NO GOOD-Amy Winehouse, I STILL WANT YOUR BODY-Original, JOLENE -Dolly Parton, LITTLE BLACK SUBMARINES-The Black Keys, MARY JANE'S LAST DANCE-Tom Petty, MERCEDES BENZ-Janis Joplin, MIDNIGHT LOVIN WOMAN -Original blues, MY PREROGATIVE-Bobby Brown, NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU- Sinead Oconnor, OLD NUMBER 7-The Devil Makes Three, OPHELIA-The Band, PUT YOUR GUNS AWAY-Original, PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME -Original, SALT IN MY WOUND-Original, SCARLET LETTER-Original blues/rock, SHAKE YOUR TWIST-Original blues, STEAL MY KISSES -Ben Harper, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE-Stealer's Wheel, SUSPICIOUS MINDS-Elvis Presley, SUNDAY MORNING SIDEWALK-Johnny Cash, SOME KIND OF SIGN-Original funk/hip-hop, SON OF A PREACHER MAN- Aretha Franklin, TENNESSEE WHISKEY- Chris Stapleton, THE FOOL -Original, THE GHOST BUSTER -Original soul/blues, THE SICKNESS-Original rock/hip-hop, THE WAY YOU LOVED ME-Original blues, TWO PRINCES-Spin Doctors, WAKING UP BROKEN HEARTED-Original blues, WALK THE LINE-Johnny Cash, WORD UP -Cameo, WHAT'S GOING ON-4 Non Blondes, WHISKEY AND WINE-Original

Contact The Rusty Pieces...


Jessi Dalton (booking) 901-399-4932

Weston Eric Sherman 901-399-4911